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SpotMarker Pro

2.21 usd

This is the Application to mark many favorite spots on the map.To mark, double-tap the map.
To move a mark, drag and drop the mark.
You can mark many spots with notes and picture.
Let's mark the spot of hunting and fishing and mushroom hunting.
##Please try the free version.####Please take note of our Conditions of use of the site to help before you download.##
If you want to use spots data in free version, you should export all data as gpx files at free version,and you should import those gpx files at paid version.
**Marking Spot- Double tap on the map to mark a spot.- Drag after long tap to move the marker.- To mark a current location, tap my location icon.
**Saving Spots- You can save a spot with text and picture.- You can save many spots marked as a map.
**Tracking- To find your current location from the GPS or network discovery.
**Send email- Send an email with url to google maps and map image file.
**Search spot- You can search a spot from address.
**Output Image- You can save the image that is displayed on the SD card.
**Import/Export- You can import and export the file(CSV/GPX/KML/KMZ).- You can export spots to google fusion tables.
**About the custom marker- Use 10 custom markers.<>/sdcard/SpotMarker/marker/1.png/sdcard/SpotMarker/marker/2.png.../sdcard/SpotMarker/marker/10.png
recommended file size is 21px × 21px.
Keyword:bookmark fishing POI waypoint